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Meetings suspended until further notice

16 March 2020


The leaders at the 7th Bebington Scout Group have been following the news

closely to ensure that we are keeping everybody safe and following the latest

advice from the Government.

Following on from the announcement earlier this evening that we should

stop all ‘non-essential social contact’, we have decided that Beavers, Cubs

and Scouts will not be meeting until further notice.

Events are moving fluidly, and we will keep on top of them as much as possible.

In the meantime we will be publishing section specific activities which can

be completed at home if you wish – which will contribute towards badges

(or just to alleviate some boredom!).

The Scout section had a meeting planned tomorrow night to talk about a

trip to Switzerland – this will now be conducted online (via live video on Facebook).

Please ‘Join’ the Scout Facebook page if you want to be part of this – https://www.facebook.com/groups/7thBebingtonScouts

We are also keenly aware that:
– Wingding camp for the Cub section
– Wingding activity day for the Beaver section
– Dunham Park Camp for the Scout section have all been paid for etc.

We will let you know as soon as we possibly can whether these events will

continue as planned – or whether they will be postponed, or cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding ,
The 7th Bebington Leadership Team.