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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Data Privacy Notice describes the categories of personal data we process and for what purposes.

We are committed to collecting and using such data fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Who we are

The 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group is a registered member of The Scouts. We are also registered with the UK Charity Commission (charity number 1020098).

Every year we hold an Annual General Meeting where members of the Group’s Executive Committee are elected. Any parent of a youth member can choose to stand for election to join the Executive Committee at the AGM and every parent has the right to attend the Annual General Meeting. We are based at Holy Trinity Church, Chorley Way, Spital, CH63 9LS.

Your rights

You have the right to object to how we process your personal information. You also have the right to access, correct, sometimes delete and restrict the personal information we use. In addition, you have a right to complain to us and to the data protection regulator. Requests should be channelled to the Group Scout Leader at gsl@7thbebington.org.uk. You have the right to make a ‘subject access request’, which allows you to act on your right to obtain access to your personal data. Requests should be made in writing to the email address above.

Under GDPR you also have the right to have personal data erased. If you enact this right, then you will also be terminating your child’s place at our group as we need certain information about our members to remain safe and legal.

How we gather personal information

Most of the time, personal data will be entered directly into our membership system, OSM (Online Scout Manager), by the parent of a youth member. When a new child joins our group, the youth member’s name, parent email address and youth member’s date of birth will be added into OSM. This will allow us to send an email request direct to the parent to fill out the remainder of the required information.

Occasionally we will use paper forms to gather specific information for specific events.

How we use your personal information

We collect personal and medical information for the protection and identification of youth members whilst in the care of the Scout Group.

We also collect the data so we have the ability to contact the member, parents and carers to inform them of meetings and events that the group itself may be running or attending; and in extreme cases, for The Scouts (HQ) to contact the parents of a youth member in a safeguarding circumstance.

Our legal basis for using your personal information

We only use your personal information where it is permitted by the laws that protect your privacy rights. We only use personal information where:

  • We need to use the information to comply with our legal obligations.
  • We need to use the information legitimately to contact you regarding meetings, events, collection of membership fees etc., i.e. for the day to day running of the group.

Sharing and transferring personal Information

We will only normally share personal information with our Scout Group leaders and (if required) Executive Committee members. This will be done by only granting access to OSM to the leaders who need to access that personal information (i.e. a Cub leader will not have access to the Beaver’s records by default).

We will however, share your personal information with others outside the 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group where we (or an affiliate processing your data on our behalf) are required to do so by law, obligation, regulation or legal proceedings. This may also include organisers of events and camps the member is attending, so they may fulfil any legal obligations.

We would also share details in response to a valid, legally compliant request by a relevant public authority or law enforcement agency. We would also share details during an emergency when we believe physical safety is at risk if not sharing the details would cause harm or distress. In all cases we will only share personal information to the extent needed for those purposes.

We will never sell your personal information to any third party for the purposes of marketing.

Sometimes we may nominate a youth member for national award (such as a Scouting or Duke of Edinburgh award). Such nominations would require we provide contact details to that organisation.

If a child wishes to move to a different Scout Group, or for when they move to Explorers (the section after Scouts), we can transfer the personal information that we hold to another group (if they use OSM). This will only be done with parent’s consent.

The Scouts (HQ) will be able to access anonymised data for reporting purposes.

Third Party Data Processors

The 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group, employs the services of the following third-party data processors: –

  • The Scouts via its membership system “Compass” which is used to record the personal information of leaders, adults and parents who have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
  • Any insurance company who is providing cover for activities or trips.
  • Online Youth Manager Ltd (Online Scout Manager) which is used to record personal information, badge records, event and attendance records etc. We have a data processing agreement in place with Online Youth Manager. More information is available at https://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk/security.php

How long we keep your personal information for

We will retain a youth member’s personal information throughout the time they are a member of the 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group.

We will retain the full personal information up until the end of the same school term that they leave the group. After this, all personal information will be removed. We will keep a record of a member’s name to track attendance trends.

We will also keep any Gift Aid Claim information for the statutory 7 years as required by HMRC.

Transfers outside the UK

The 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group will not transfer your personal information outside of the UK, with the exception where an event is taking place outside of the UK and it is necessary to provide personal information to comply with our legal obligations.

Printed records and event data

Sometimes it is necessary to print personal details. Where possible we will keep details securely stored within OSM, however, where we can’t guarantee phone signal or access to an electronic device (such as camps and trips away from the normal meeting location) we will take a hard copy of the personal details needed for that activity to take place safely. These will be accessible only to the leaders of the event, and will be destroyed immediately after the event has taken place.

Gift Aid

Declarations will be completed electronically, by the parents, using OSM. We have a legal obligation to retain this information for 7 years after the last claim.


Photographs (which can be classed as personal information) of adults or youth members may be taken during activities and be used within a Scouting context. These images may be used in publicity material, for example Scouting publications, on social media and the wider media. Images may be published to official Scout websites and Scouting-affiliated social media but will never identify individuals in line with guidelines from The Scouts (HQ).

The 7th Bebington (Holy Trinity) Scout Group will generally only publish photographs to our private Facebook Group for parents to view.  Only parents or carers of current group members are able to join and access that group (as well as leaders and members of the Group Executive Committee).  In addition, we may store an image of you or your child on the Online Scout Manager (OSM) membership database for the purposes of identification, alongside and linked to the personal information. Access to this image is limited to the leaders and authorised users of OSM as is the rest of the personal information.

Once photographs are published to Facebook (or other media), theoretically another parent or carer could download, screenshot, re-photograph or share that image and we cannot control that.  However, we ask that parents are considerate of the privacy of others and do not download or share images of other children or adults.

If you do not wish your child’s image to be used on social media or in other publicity, please confirm this by emailing gsl@7thbebington.org.uk.

Please note that the Group cannot control or stop images being taken by other individuals, parents or organisations in public spaces. This includes events and camps which your child may attend. However, again we ask that parents are considerate of the privacy of others and do not take or share photographs of other children without their parent’s or carer’s consent.