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Scout & Guide Post closes after 40 years

6 April 2022

Wirral Scout & Guide Charity Post
February 24th 2022
Dear Supporter,
With the heaviest of hearts, I have to inform you that the Organising Committee has decided,
with extreme reluctance, to finish the Christmas Post. I can assure you that the decision
was reached after very careful consideration of the current and likely future situation, the
main factors being:-
• Of the 5 Areas in the Scheme, 1 (Neston) had reluctantly decided to completely
• Of the remaining 4 Areas, 1 (Bebington) reported all Groups ready to participate in
2022 whilst the other 3 Areas (West Wirral, Birkenhead, and Wallasey) all reported
that at least one Group (and, in some cases more) had either folded during the
pandemic or were unable to commit.
• The resultant holes in our coverage were too many and too large for us to be able to
redistribute these areas to neighbouring Groups. Several other ways of filling these
gaps were considered but to no avail
• It was noted that whilst the vast majority of Groups had indicated support for a 2022
Scheme, some recognised that their recovery was still in progress and their support
was more in hope than a firm commitment at this stage.
• Selling stamps was foreseen to be more difficult in a society that had become less
dependent on cash and more on the use of Cards. Some of our Shop outlets had not
survived the pandemic and even the supermarkets were believed to be unlikely to let
us sell this year.
• The number of cards delivered was already declining each year pre-pandemic and
there were Groups voicing concern that the heavy resource demands of the Post
were starting to become unreasonable for the declining income.
• The unanimous view of the Wirral DCs to recommend closure was noted.
• Given all these factors, the potential for a PR disaster if we were to try running a
Scheme in 2022 and then failing to fulfil our commitments was considered very real.
The committee therefore reluctantly but unanimously decided to finish the Christmas
I know this decision will be a major disappointment to participating Groups and to the Wirral
Communities and Charities that we have served since 1982. We should be proud of our
achievements with around £3.5 million raised of which over £850,000 was donated to over
200 different Wirral Charities. Given that our stamps were always roughly 50% of the GPO,
we could also claim to have saved the Wirral Public about £3.5 million! A recurring theme
throughout the Committee’s discussion was that it would be preferable to finish with pride
intact and a positive message than to descend into chaos and a potential PR disaster.
It remains for me to sincerely thank all those who have supported the Scheme and worked
so hard over the last 40 years whether selling stamps, sorting (at Group and/or Area level) or
delivering. It has been our privilege to serve the Wirral Community for all these years.
Richard Twemlow MBE
Founder and Chairman
Wirral Scout & Guide Charity Post